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Gary grew up on Long Island, New York with the music of teenage idols Ricky Nelson, Bobby Rydell, and Brian Hyland and the surf sounds of the Beach Boys.Then the exciting times of the British invasion lead by the Beatles. He loves to sing and sings all kinds of music from crooners like Neil Diamond, Jimmy Buffett and Roy Orbison to the Kinks, Stones, Beatles and The Who. He was thrilled to join the Beltway Rockers five years ago to sing with this energizing group, laying out classic rock tunes with just the right blend of "get up and dance " songs and classic "man this is a great song!" rockers.When you come to a Beltway Rockers show you leave singing the songs and talking about coming back again.


Tim has spent much of his life overseas exposed to various musical cultures originating in Europe and North Africa. As a result, he enjoys a wide variety of performers ranging from Peter Gabriel and Jimmy Page to Johann Sebastian Bach and Andres Segovia, and their influences are evident in some of his playing. Over the years he has played sax, piano, harp and his first love, guitar, in a variety of bands and musical groups. Today, Tim is still searching for the perfect funk riff, the perfect lead break, and the perfect ending.


Charlie Olson's musical career began with cello lessons in Grade 3. Picking up acoustic and electric bass skills along the way, Charlie has played in ensembles big (symphony orchestras, big bands, acapella choirs) and small (polka bands, small jazz groups). Highlights include performing in a bluegrass band on A Prairie Home Companion and watching King Haakon of Norway fall asleep from the cello section of the St. Olaf College Orchestra in Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.


Mark is the native Beltway Rocker of the band, having grown up in Northern Virginia. Mark has been playing piano since he was seven, and was inspired as a teenager by such artists as Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. Progressive rock and fusion jazz still a big influence on his playing, and explain the collection of keyboards he uses at a show. Mark enjoys creating a backdrop for the sound of the band and enjoys creating as broad a sound palate as possible for the band's songs. That, and getting people up and dancing!


Pete has played drums in many bands since the 80's, opening up for acts such as The Cranberries, and Marilyn Mansion. His formative years included heavy doses of classic rock and credits bands like Lep Zeppelin, Rush, Kansas, Bad Co., Beatles, etc. for his rich musical heritage.